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Eczema question
May 6, 2008
My 15 month old son has developed eczema on his tush. His dr has prescribed some cream 'cause it was getting pretty bad, but what can I do so that it doesn't get bad again once the prescription runs out? It's (I guess) a fairly mild case, it's not weeping or raw. Just looks kinda like a really dry rash that keeps coming back. I've been putting Aquaphor on it twice a day (dr's orders) and between that and the cream, it is clearing up very nicely. I just don't want it to get bad again. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just wanted to add... I use regular Dove bar soap, baby shampoo and baby lotion on him.
Hi Tiff~
I know all about the eczema stuff. My daughter developed this at about one month and it stinks! It sounds like you're doing the best you can.
Just make sure you only bathe him every other day since you probably already know that water can irritate the problem. Also make sure his bottom is completely dry before putting a diaper on him (just like you would for a regular diaper rash).
You're definitely using the right soap too and remember a little goes a long way on babies.
If it gets any worse, you can ask for Elidel. My dd's pediatrician gave us this once and it cleared up a weeping sore immediately!
Good luck! :)
You can go two routes with any form of dry dry skin. You can bathe infrequently and use lots of lotion, aquaphor being the best. Or you can bathe everyday keeping your child submerged in the water for 10 minutes and applying aquaphor immediately after plus 3-4 times a day on the affected areas. Do not use the baby shampoo or lotion. Aquaphor makes a baby body wash that you can use on the hair. Stick to the plain Dove as well. Sounds like your doing everything right so far, just stick to the lotion. Try to avoid the steroid creams if you can, too frequent use can thin out the skin.
Thanks ladies. I don't have experience with eczema (although I do have patches on my wrists that look like what's on my sons hinny) so I really wasn't sure what to do. I think I will switch his shampoo, something a little easier on his skin. Little kids shouldn't have to deal with this stuff!! :( Thanks again!
It can be triggered from vaccines or from cow's milk, deficiency of vitamins, or toxic blood. You should use natural soaps, otherwise soap is not regulated and is loaded with all kinds of chemicals, just look at the back of the bottle. Try using a calendula salve, calendula (marigold) has great natural skin healing abilities or use natural vitamin E. Anything prescription or over the counter medications again are chemically laden.
The TRUTH is that nobody knows what causes eczema! I think we need to be very careful what we write on these boards. I didn't develop eczema until I was 27 years old. Never had it before that. Then, I got laid off and was getting married, and the stress from it must have triggered eczema.

Being that your baby is too young for stress, I would guess it is genetic.

I would use all natural products and keep her well-moisturized. Limit baths and keep in mind she may have to be tested for allergies when she gets older.
It's not just chemicals that can cause rashes. Eczema is, in medical terms, a chronic skin irritation, cause unknown.

I have some tendencies toward eczema, apparently had it bad as a baby despite my mother being extremely careful about what she put in and one me, though now I just get it behind my earlobes most of the time. I am just as likely to get a rash from an "all natural" lotion with 10 different plants in it as to get one from a regular one with 10 different chemicals made in a laboratory. It's a question of recognizing what you, personally, are sensitive to.
KeltoKel and Jane- I completely agree with you guys. I do think Aden's is genetic since I believe I have it. I'm 26 and I've only developed it the past couple of years, like KeltoKel said, could have been triggered by stress.

I did do research on it when I found out he has it. It is genetic and can be caused by allergies (which both my husband and I have so Aden most likely will also). Like Jane said, it is a medical condition that is chronic, not just a little rash.

I will be looking for some shampoo and lotion that has less chemicals, not because it has caused his eczema but because it may be irritating it. I have super sensitive skin, even the simplist of products can make me break out in hives, so I wouldn't be surprised if Aden's skin problem is getting worse from something in his shampoo or lotion.
Oh sorry, Tiff, I meant "he" with your baby and not "she."
I have keratosis (red bumps all over) and eczema. My son has both as well as icthyosis. It is DEFINITELY genetic. Both my mom and brother both have these skin conditions as well. Our lives revolve around what we can and can't use to avoid irritation. Like I said earlier, baby lotions of any sort really flare up the condition. My son was tested last week for allergies and was found to have none. Some of us are just blessed with bad skin. You may find that your lo had better skin in the summer when it's more humid. Good luck!
If we don't know what causes it then how do we know it is genetic? If the cause is known then ??? Something is causing it. It makes sense to stay away from chemicals. Beware that many "all natural" or even some "organic" products are not natural or organic. You have to read the back label. I believe we do know what causes this, it is a matter of figuring out what the cause is.
Hi there , I just wanted to say that I posted about my son , Ewan ,who is 8 months old , only last week . He has began to get dry scaly patches around his mouth and his cheeks were especially dry and rough , it had also began to appear on his forehead too . I did not have a a family physician (altho i have just been accepted in to one ) so i posted on here for some advice and someone suggested Aveeno Baby , you can buy the lotion and the wash ,for extremely dry skin in babies, it states on the tube/bottle that it is good for eczema also . So , i think i bought it last Saturday , now here we are on Friday and I swear his little face is as smooth and soft as a ever !!!!:D I know people are posting about not using this or that , but the truth is I think you have to give stuff a try for yourself and see what works . Skin conditions like eczema and scaley dry skin are awfully common in babies and can last well into the second and third year ,and then completely vanish ! I would give Aveeno a try , as it honestly worked miracles for me , as i had been struggling with this for about 3 months , using vaseline , baby oil, different creams and so on . This worked like a charm and looks like it will continue to work . Hope this helps .
Take care xx
Thanks Jaxiee! I actually looked at Wal-Mart for the Aveeno baby wash and (I feel terrible for saying this) I didn't get it 'cause it was so expensive for such a small bottle. We use Dove soap which doesn't seem to irritate his skin, now I'm looking for something besides baby shampoo for his hair but am not having any luck. I know Johnson's is very mild but I'm worried the fragrance is causing flair ups. I think I'm just going to start using my Aveeno all over him instead of baby lotion. Aveeno is the only thing that works for me... I swear by it! :)
Re: Eczema question
May 13, 2008
as a previous poster has said no one knws exactly what causes eczema, although there are many factors thought to contribute to it. My son has had severe eczema (the open weeping infected kind :( ) ever since he had his first set of injections(he is now 13 months old). the dr's i have spoken to don't seem to think its related. They also say that if a parent has hayfever. allergies, or eczema, psoriasis then the child is likely to develop eczema too. i have food allergies and my dh has psoriasis yet our dd who is now 4and a half has nothing whatsoever but our son has suffered with terribly with it since he was only a few weeks old.
we find baby lotion actually irritates my son and causes flare ups ,all we use int he bath is oilatum formula and some creamy stuff i forget the name of sorry, but we also have something called epiderm which looks exactly like wax, if you mix that into a warm bath it dissolves and helps baby's skin keep hydrated, but if you mix a bit with a small amount of water it works as a soap. the most important thing is to keep that little tush moisturised, so as soon as he gets out of the bath slap some stuff on and give it a few mins to soak in as clothes tend to soak the moisture off the skin. be wary of overuse of the steriod creams, unfortunately this is the only stuff that will keep my son from flaring up badly, as it thins the skin and can actually make it more prone to eczema. Could your little man be teething? that can also cause flare ups.

anyway im sorry for wafflin, :)
Re: Eczema question
May 13, 2008
Gemmalou- Aden actually is teething. He has been for a few weeks now. I wonder why that would cause flare-ups? I don't really remember if he started teething before or after his hinny got really red. I sure hope it clears up when his teeth pop through. I know he's teething because he's been drolling like crazy and been moody, but I can't see or feel anything so it might be awhile yet. :( Thanks for your help!
Re: Eczema question
May 14, 2008
Tiff , Just wanted to say that i use the aveeno wash on Ewans hair too !!!! it does the job nicely , not sure if thats something you would think about but i helps us out a lot , and if you buy the big bottle you are saving on separate shampoo (cos you only use a tiny amount as it goes far on the hair !) .....just another suggetstion .....hope things go well for you !!:D :D
Re: Eczema question
May 14, 2008
Thanks! I think we will go ahead and try that. I'm still using Johnson's baby shampoo 'cause I haven't been able to find anything else yet. Thanks again!

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