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I was talking to my FIL today and he was telling me I should try giving my 2 month old son whole milk with baby oatmeal in the bottle. I've never heard of this nor do I think it's a good decision. My 2 concerns are him not getting enough nutrients like he would in his formula and I would think the cow's milk would be way too harsh for his little tummy. Supposedly he knows a woman who does this with her 3 month old son and according to her he's happy as a clam and his fussiness/gas is now gone.

The reason he suggested this is because my son is on the Similac Sensitive formula and is still spitty, gassy, and fussy. We've tried the Zantac for reflux, but that didn't help either.

My daughter was a year old when I put her on whole cow's milk and she got constipated from it so bad we had to resort to suppositories:( I can't imagine what it would do to my 2 month old so I'm not going to try it.

I don't know...I guess I think he's crazy b/c I'm young and don't know anything other than what I hear these days. He told me that when he was younger they didn't even have formula and mothers had to do things like this. Is he crazy or am I just overreacting?...and has anyone else done something similar and if so what was the outcome? Thanks:)

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