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At that age I would pretty much mash up the grown up foods and feed with a spoon. Things like pancakes I would cut up into small pieces and let them feed themselves. I didn't do animal crackers at that age as they are just the right size to get stuck on the roof of the mouth and get gooey....not really soft enough in my opinion. You could try cherrios too as they are mostly air and are great for finger eating. Both of my girls choked on cherrios and I reintroduced them at about 11 months. You want to be careful about giving larger pieces of food as little ones don't know their limits and some will try to stuff the whole piece in. Also, if your child is a crammer then you want to only put in front of him what he can handle in a mouthful. There are guides as to what foods your child should be eating and what quantities. If I remember correctly the book What to Expect the First Year had general guidelines. Your pediatrician should have a list of foods your baby should be eating....all three of our doctors had them for us. Little ones at this age don't need more than a couple tablespoons of food at a time as this is their serving size. Of course, many babies eat more than this, but don't stress if your child is not eating an entire plate full. Your baby still should be getting much of his nutrition from breastmilk or formula. Just be smart about what you feed your baby. Just because he's learning how to eat adult food doesn't mean he's ready for all of it and that he knows what to do with it. Never take your eyes off him while he's eating and show him how to take a bite and chew his food. Lots of talking and instruction will get the message through. Also make meal times learning times. While he's eating say "yummy, spaghetti, open wide and swallow". As you are saying this go through the motions of eating, chewing and swallowing. He will learn to imitate you and will become a great eater and will be learning the names of his favorite foods at the same time.

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