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Eczema question
May 31, 2008
So my son is 16 months and he has eczema on his bottom. His dr. prescribed a hydrocortisone cream and told me to put aquaphor on twice a day (I put it on every diaper change). This treatment doesn't seem to be working. I bought Gentle Naturals eczema body wash and Aveeno Baby body wash and neither of these seem to be making a difference. I put a ton of Aveeno lotion on him after his bath and let it soak in before putting his diaper on and that doesn't seem to be helping either. Also, he throws a fit every diaper change. Is it possible that his wipes and/or the aquaphor is burning his tush? We use Huggies wipes with shea butter. I'm going to be calling his dr. on Monday but I don't know what I should be asking them to do. Obviously, I want the eczema gone but is this too much to ask? I don't really know if I should expect it to clear up completely or if this is as good as it's going to get. I hope someone can help me out.
Re: Eczema question
May 31, 2008
Is it possible you could use wipes with nothing but water? I'm hearing a lot of stuff being thrown on his skin, and, as a person with lifelong eczema tendencies, that doesn't work well for me.

If it were me, or my baby, I'd pick out one medicine. Something baby-safe and doctor approved. Let nothing else but water, maybe a tiny bit of super-mild soap touch his skin until it starts to heal. All-natural or no, stuff is stuff, and with his skin already so angry...

Or, it could be his skin is just cranky and it'll just stay this way until he's out of diapers. Won't kill him if it does.
Re: Eczema question
May 31, 2008
Thank you for your input! I felt like I was using a lot of different stuff but I'm just so desperate to get rid of it. I used to make his wipes up until about 4 months ago and I'm starting to wonder if he isn't allergic to something in the store bought wipes that is causing his flair-ups. I'm either going back to making them or just using water. Thanks so much!
Re: Eczema question
May 31, 2008
i would definitely stop using the wipes unless you rinse them out first. i only buy cheap wipes now and rinse them all thoroughly before using them on my daughter because every other brand wipes would just irritate the heck out of her little bottom!

i agree with the other poster too that you ought to pick one product and stick with only that product and nothing else until your baby's skin starts to heal.

my niece takes oatmeal baths when her eczema flairs up and that seems to help her a lot.

are you certain it is eczema and not just a diaper rash? my younger daughter broke out in a horrible diaper rash and was first diagnosed as having eczema, then a yeast infection, then when treatments still didn't work, i figured out that she was getting irritated by her diapers (she was using pampers and had been using them her whole life.... i think they must have changed something in their lining) and her wipes (again, pampers.... again she'd been using them her whole life.... again, i think they must have changed something in them!). as soon as we switched brands, her bottom cleared almost overnight! just something to consider....

Re: Eczema question
May 31, 2008
Well, his dr first said it was a fungal infection and perscribed a cortisone cream with steriods to clear it up quickly. It did the trick but then came back as soon as the tube was gone. She diagnosed it over the phone then when she saw it she said that it was eczema. Seems weird that it's only in the area covered by his diaper though. Well, we're going to walmart tomorrow to get some new diapers and see if that helps. And I'm making some wipes with just water right now. Since his perscription is gone, I'm only going to use the aquaphor and no other lotions. Thanks ladies!
MCR- when you realized it was the pampers that were irritating your daughters skin, what did you switch to? We are putting Parent's Choice diapers on him right now, to see if it is the Pampers, but I don't think they pull the moisture away from his bottom the way the Pampers do. Just curious what you used.
we switched to luvs diapers during the day, and huggies overnights for nighttime. i usually put her to bed with a luvs diaper and then go and change her into a huggies right before i go to bed and she's actually slept better since we started doing that!!!

i actually did try the parents choice diapers, but like you, i found that they really didn't keep her bottom dry at all! i know walmart will take back opened bags of diapers if you bring them back! :)
Ever consider nice soft cotton cloth diapers? I know, I don't have a baby, so I have no right to recommend something that's so much more work when you're already constantly busy, but plastic in any form is not a friend to skin. I keep thinking I'll try cotton menstrual products--but never find the time.
Thanks! We might be running out tomorrow for some new diapers, I really don't like the Parent's Choice. They are very stiff too. I just don't like 'em.

Janewhite1- I never considered cloth until recently. My son is 16 months so hopefully within the next 6 months or so he'll be out of diapers. I just can't see me spending the money only to realize that I don't have the time to deal with it for our next baby. Besides, I'm not the kinda person who likes swooshing dirty diapers in the toilet. :) And we just moved into a new house so a diaper cleaning service is out of the question! Thanks though!
They do make cloth diapers that have velcro. They make everything easier and you can use them again later for another child if they are still in good shape. They have cotton and organic ones out there. They have a built in rubber outer liner and everything! If your lo is having a hard time with the diapers, you might want to look in to these. Good luck!
Thanks, felix. I'm not sure I'd use them but where do you find 'em?
We cloth diaper. It's much easier than it sounds. You just have to wash them, nothing really tough, It's better for your baby's bottom, and the environment. You can search online for them to findout more, I doubt I'm allowed to mention the brand I use, but there are so many. We use prefolds with covers. But there are all-in-ones, and pocket diapers out there. If your baby had a yeast rash, then it should have gone away with the prescription. Did he have an oral one? Or just topical. He may also be allergic to something he's eating. Perhaps dairy. Hope this helps.;)
You can just search on the internet for cloth diapers. That's how I came upon them. I wasn't in to the whole diaper pin thing, partly because I'm lazy and partly because I have no folding talent when it comes to those diapers! Ha Ha
I just wanted to thank you guys so much for helping me out. We switched back to using Dove soap (his dr said it was the mildest soap we could use), we only use aquaphor on his tush, wipes with just water, and changed his Pampers to Huggies and his hinny is almost completely cleared up! We just switched the diapers yesterday and it cleared up so quick! I don't know if it was a combination or one thing but it worked!! I'm so thankful for your advice, everyone!
Even more mild than Dove is Dr. Bronner's baby soap. It's made of all natural plant derived oils. It has made a HUGE difference in ds's skin, and we used to use Dove. Glad your LO is doing better.;)
Thanks, I'll look into the Dr. Bronner's. Once his bottom is completely cleared up we might look into something like that so hopefully he won't have anymore breakouts.

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