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The fears about "solids" is overrated. People have done it for ages; it's really just a fad that "only breast-feeding" for 6 months is acceptable. It may not be natural for little babies to try "chewing", but it's been done OK. I was fed various solids at 1 month.

I am giving my 3mo (today) boy rice cereal at night to try to keep him going over night. Not sure if it's helping, but it's not hurting.

My pediatrician uncle and his RN wife said alot of this convention these days is hooey, and a bit of rice cereal isn't going to hurt. My aunt suggested just a baby-spoon of rice cereal for him now. Yes, they're "old", but they have seen many children over 40 years and raised 4 themselves.

I still resist doing alot of the "wild" things my mother wants just because I don't want to lie to my pediatrician, who is on the bandwagon about not giving solids as well as all the standard wisdom you hear now. I'm not a good liar.

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