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Hi there,

My Ella is a July 10th baby, E know you had Tanner a little earlier than that, but I can't remember how many weeks...probably 2 or 3. Anyway, Ella hardly says anything either. She'll say mama & dada (mostly repeated) occassionally. She babbles and "chats" a ton, but it's all jibberish to us. She'll point and yell and "talk" to other kids in her own little language, but she doesn't label anything indepenently. She will imitate a few words sporatically and then she won't do it again for days. I feel bi-polar with her because some days I'm like "whew, she's right on track." and the other days I"m so worried about her doing/not doing certain things.

As far as the sippy cup, I agree with what everybody else said...he'll get it eventually. Ella was the same way. We used a sippy cup every day since she was 6months old, and it wasn't until about a month ago or so that she finally got it herself. She coudl hold it, but she had to lay back to get the juice she'll sit up and she's figured it out...there was nothing really we could do...we just kept tipping it up for her, we tried to show her by doing it with her hands but she was so resistent we just kept modeling and eventually she figured it out.

We use the Nuby cups too, ours don't have handles, Ella HATES the ones with handles.

Laura- I use some sign with Ella, basic like "eat," "more" "all done" "play" "potty" etc. I use it in my classroom all the time and it's just so natural now that I use it with her. She seems to understand it (especially when she was younger, when I would sign "eat" she would get SO EXCITED). She has yet to attempt any herself, but seems to understand me when I'm signing them (paired with words of course). I've read a lot of good reserach about signing with babies and how it's really good for them.

Good luck all, hope everybody is excited about planning first birthdays!! They're coming up so soon! I can't believe how old they've gotten! Seems like yesterday we were all waiting anxiously for their arrivals!!!!


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