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Our 5 1/2 month old daughter has never been very good at taking naps, it has just been hit and miss. I consider it a success if her 2 or 3 naps a day are at least 1 hour. When do most switch to 2 rather than 3 naps per day? I would love to know what a 'normal', ha ha, schedule for a 6 month old looks like.

We usually put her down around 8:30 (it's a battle some nights)and she still wakes up at least 2 times per night, but only has 1 bottle normally. I just feel like she should be sleeping better than she is. When she actually does take a good 2 hour nap she is so much happier! I keep the room dark, she sleeps in a Halo sleep sak, white noise machine on, we have the same night time routine each night...I am out of ideas. I just feel like all I do is battle for sleep all day. My husband travels during the week and the sleep depervation is starting to take it's toll. Any and ALL advice will be appreciated.

FYI we have not started baby food or cereal yet. I have tried rice and oatmeal but she gets VERY fussy after eating so I decided to wait until she was 6 months old to try again. Thanks for the help!

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