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My son is 15 months old and had his 15 month old shots (3 shots) on the 16th. well about 5 days later he started with a funny diaper rash by his privates, so since then this is whats happened, he has slight diarrhea everyday(2-3 diapers of it) cranky, has had a dose of hives, and now he has little red spots around his privates, up his belly, and a couple on his face and legs, he goes to the dr today. I only waited because I thought the diarrhea could be from his last 2 teeth coming through, and we switched his bath soap so I thought thats why he had hives....the spots are small little red bumps with a kinda white ring around them, they dont really come to a pimply point though:confused: any ideas are greatly appreciated!
That sounds just like a virus to me. My nephew had something similar once - the rash around the privates and belly with the fever. Give it a few days and see what happens. They don't give meds for a virus. A virus needs to run its course.
My thoughts are also viral. So many kids pick up illnesses from the doctor's office when they are there for a well child checkup. It is a giant germ factory. Waiting rooms are not disinfected and tables are only washed down at the end of the day.
If it was the bar soap it would be all over him.:confused: Are they itchy to him?
Don't be discouraged by the diagnosis of "viral rash." There are so many that most don't have a definate name. I am sure this won't be his last.
Good luck.

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