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Hi junemom, thanks for the commiseration!

Man, 4.5 months with no real sleep? I'm sorry for you.

My mom pushes the food thing on me, too; I've given George rice cereal - a tiny smidge of it - along with his formula at night. When we 1st started that, it made no difference. The next week we put him in his crib instead of "co-sleep" bassinet and he started sleeping longer. Then this.

I guess another possibility for me is that George is having a growth spurt.

Maybe your baby is just really growing fast and needs all he can get. I've read that at least for spurts, you should try to feed more all day, not just at night for the catch-up.

Last night was bad. He woke after only 2 hrs again at 12:30, and I had to feed him for 1.5 hrs; then he awoke again about 4:30 and feed for an hour.

This is different from his more recent trends not only in # times but how much he eats. When only waking at dawn ~5, he many times only ate a little bit and then would go down again, maybe a 1/2 hr without complaining. Often I'd only give him 1 breast and then I couldn't get him to wake again.

But e.g. last night, the 1st time, he had the 3 oz formula and then 3 breasts before he wouldn't complain about the crib!

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