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Don't know if this is what your daughter has but I thought I would just throw it out there. For months my son had, what the dr diagnosed over the phone as, a fungal infection on his very low abdomen. Hydrocortisone cream with steroids would clear it up wonderfully but as soon as we would stop the cream his "infection" would come back. It spread to his hinny and scrotum and when his dr finally did see it she said it was eczema. Nothing helped his eczema 'til it was suggested, on this board, that something might be irritating it. I switched from Pampers (which I had been using from day 1), started using only paper towels with water to wipe him, and put aquaphor on it and it cleared up amazingly fast and hasn't come back, other than a few tiny spots. My son never got diaper rashes either so I knew it wasn't that. His spots were pretty sporadic, it wasn't just one big rash. The reason I suggest eczema is because you said it just keeps coming back. I don't believe it would be fungal 'cause a nurse told me that fungal infections get worse when you put diaper rash cream on. Hope I helped, but I also hope it's NOT eczema. :)
Thanks for the respnse, Tiff! Madeline does actually have mild eczema, but it's never been in this area before. She has only ever gotten rough patches on her face, neck, and arms, and even then it's very rare to see a flare up (knock on wood). It was bad as a newborn, but I thought she grew out of it because I haven't seen it since.
I'm wondering now if it could be the diapers. We've always used Pampers, but recently switched to Huggies. I really like Huggies! Lol. I'm going to keep my eye on it and call her Ped. if it gets any worse.
Thanks again, Tiff...something I didn't even think about!

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