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hello all,
let me start by saying that my son is my life and (for the most part) such a great baby. now the issues we have are these. he WILL NOT sleep thru the night. he never has. he is up several times a night, i feed him and he passes right back out (each time). he is one cereal and baby food. he usually has some baby cereal in the morning, food during the day, and cereal at night with BM in between (and usually after eating real food). he always goes to bed between 7-8 and he naps 2-3 times daily. he has been teething since 2 months (no teeth yet), is he ever going to sleep thru the night? the second issue we have is this. he is 6 months and not crawling yet. this is fine with me but my dad asks me every time we talk, if he is crawling yet. DS has always been an early achiver until this. he dosent get as much tummy time as everyone tells me he is supposed to be having. he really dosent like it, he will tolerate it for a few minutes and then cry and bury his face, or he will puke. no matter how many times i put him down (in a day) it still plays out the same. any help would be appriciated :) God bless :angel:
Joemamma22 I totally understand what you are going through. My baby will be 6 months next week. She is #4 for me and is a really good baby. Except for night. Ohmigoodness. She gets up at least 7-8 times. We go in and give her a binky (never feed her) and she usually goes back to sleep. We are exhausted the next morning because you never really get good deep sleep because you are always "waiting" for her to wake up.:D The strange thing is some nights she will sleep all night. (8p.m.-7a.m.) I do the same exact routine every single night. Sponge bath, cuddle and cereal bottle. You just never know how the night will go. Have you tried any kind of routine with your son? We have been doing a routine since she came home.(not that it really helps that much!) Maybe a nice soothing bath every night will help. I wish I knew what to tell you! Some people have told me to let her cry and learn to soothe herself back to sleep. I'm sorry but I just can't lay in bed and let her cry..... Also some nights my husband has slept on the couch and she has slept with me.... It's easier sticking the binky in and gets me a little sleep. Good luck! Let me know if you figure out what works for you! I need all the help and sleep I can get!:D

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