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I am so glad I found this post. My son (12 months) does the same thing. He hits in the face all the time. I have actually developed a small twitch in my left eye because of it. Now when ever anything comes at my face quickly my lower left eyelid twitches like crazy. Anyway I don't know how to deal with it. I don't think Tanner understand the word "no" yet. I am not sure how to teach him the meaning of that. He does it alot at night while we're in his chair or before a nap. But I am not sure if putting him down will work out because he'll just crawl away on me and I am in the process of putting him to bed.
This all started from him just stroking our faces nicely while he drank his bottle. Then it moved to putting fingers in mouths and noses and ears. Now he just smacks your face and also crabs your ears and pulls. I too am a little worried that I am doing something wrong and raising a bit of a trouble maker.
I always see kids behaving like this and it makes me cringe. I always said I didn't want my kids to turn out this way...but look what's happening!!!

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