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I have never had a child before this 5-mo old, so I really can't say much. But from Ferber's descriptions, it may again be a problem of what she expects you to be doing when she's sleeping. He says this is a problem of sleep associations.

Let's assume that is correct.

She's assuming you'll still be there holding her, rocking her, and her music will be playing, etc. Possibly also in the light. But when she wakes up, all that is gone - you've sneaked away, put her in some other place, and it's dark and quiet.

According to Ferber, everyone goes through sleep cycles and technically, everyone wakes up periodically at night; it's just how awake one is whether one really acts out and remembers it. If your child now expects that she's going to be "foiled again" during sleep, she'll more likely fully wake during those transitional periods to fully check to see if she has indeed been "foiled again". And of course, when she finds it's not right, not the way she goes to sleep, she cries.

This is exactly in fact what happens with ME concerning the BABY in reverse. It seems even though lately he's mostly "slept through the night", I keep waking up frequently either thinking I heard him cry, or expecting he will - so I better wake up and check!

It's also similar to people who have experience of needing to wake at a certain time to be on time for an important date. I've had this too. Often, while we set our alarms to wake at the right time, we wake even a few minutes before it goes off! Our sub-concious is telling us to be alert for something, and thus doesn't sleep as well.

Not saying this is your problem, but sound like it really could be.

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