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what to feed 8 month old baby when don't like baby food
Have you tried introducing some solids such as mashed potatoes, squash, pasta? You can also try the Gerber Graduate lil sides, but making your own sides is much cheaper. :) If you little one is able to handle some of these foods, I'd definitely start trying out "people food" to see if he/she likes it. Obviously the formula will still be the main source of nutrients throughout the day, but starting on solids is a great option if your little one is ready.

Good luck!
My baby will be 8 months on the 9th. She has never really liked baby food.(I've been trying since 4 months) I have really worried about it until I finally decided she doesn't like it and gave her table food. I have found she really likes the yo baby yogurt. There are lots of varieties! Also I just feed her right off the table when we are eating. Not really enough for a "meal" but just so she can get use to the taste of "our" food. She loves pasta and chicken. I fed my last two children off the table and they will eat anything now. They are 10 and 13. I would avoid food thats easy to choke on but otherwise most food we eat should be fine. I also buy a lot of the toddler foods and snacks and just cut things in half.... I don't think you can go wrong as long as your baby is getting his/her formula still with all the nutrients they need.
Tell me more about this yo baby yogurt. Where can I find it and is it suitable for a 6 month old? Thanks!
You can find yo baby yogurt in any grocery store. I get it at Walmart because it is cheaper. They have plain yogurt or you can buy it with cereal and fruit. (This is a little chunkier so if your baby gags easily go with the plain) My doctor said it was fine. You could ask yours to be sure. I have been giving it to her since she was 6 months old..... She loves it! It makes me feel like she's at least getting something other than her formula. Also my baby doesn't mind things that are cold. (i've never heated her bottle so cold food doesn't bother her) That's something else you may want to consider. Good luck!!

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