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Hi - thanks everyone for your responses, I feel much better now. My dd is 11 months and she has been walking for about a month now, so when I saw my friends dd, who is 2 months older, not even crawling it concerned me. I figured everyone reaches these milestones at a different time and I should know better than to compare children (it can make a person nuts!).

Another question, what age do you stop giving them formula and start giving them milk? And what kind; whole or 2%?
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know the answer to your question on milk too. My DD started taking milk instead of formula around 11 1/2 months. I have been giving her whole milk because that is what her pediatrician told me to do. However, I've come to find out that my MIL who watches her during the week has been giving her 1%. She told me this and said it was because she heard on the news that they are now recommending 1% due to childhood obesity. I told her that my pediatrician told me to give her whole milk and until he tells me differently I am NOT changing it. I think she is still giving her 1% because she thinks she knows everything and won't listen. :mad:
From what my pediatrician told me, from age one until two children are usually on whole milk and then can be switched to 2%. If between the age of one to two there is a weight concern, sometimes the child will be switched to 2% earlier, but the idea is the child needs the fat in the milk for brain development. I have heard some pediatricians are suggesting otherwise, but this is what we were told and what the children around me have been advised to do as well.

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