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Normal Poop?
Aug 28, 2008
The consistancy of my 11.5 month old DD's poopies have changed recently. They went from being hard logs (like an adults) to very smushy and soft. I noticed the change around the same time that I started adding wheat to her diet. The first several times we tried wheat, starting around 4 months old, she developed a rash. About a month ago when I tried it again, no rash appeared and hasn't since, so I assumed she grew out of her sensitivity.
Now, her old poops used to be very difficult for her to pass, and I often times had to help her. Now she has obviously no problems.
I am concerned because I am not sure if the change in consistancy is due to more fiber, or if there is still a sensitivity there, and it is just showing itself in another form. I can't tell if it is diarreah, or if this is normal for a baby her age. All of her meals and snacks are real foods. She doesn't eat any baby food. She eats a lot of fruit, mainly pears and peaches. She has a bottle once or twice a day, depending on how many naps she takes, once at bed time, and twice during the night. Anywhere from 7-9 oz at a time.
So my question is, what is the poop like for your infants with a similar diet to my daughter's.
I am so sorry for how disgusting this post is!

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