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[QUOTE=dina08;3710662]I'm concerned that she will be delayed in being able to eat table foods and whatnot if I don't get her eating a lot of baby food now. Please understand that feeding her has always been a challenge. She was a preemie and could only take 10-15 cc's at a time after she was born and we were thrilled when she did that. She now is diagnosed with reflux and on medication; however, she only drinks a bottle when asleep. So, it's difficult. I try and try with the solids and she is doing a little better; however, definately not taking anywhere near to what Amy said. Yesterday, she took combined 2.5 ounces of baby food with half a saltine cracker and a little banana plus 36 ounces of formula.[/QUOTE]

My son was the same way. The nurses were thrilled if he'd take 15ccs at once, and any thing he didn't take orally got put through the NG tube, until he pulled it out himself and decided he'd eat enough. He came home only taking 30ccs at a time. He also had awful reflux and was on medication until just last month. Honestly, the amount of food sounds okay. The main thing is to not force it. Remember, kids can stay on formula past a year, or go to a step 2 formula or Pediasure, if they aren't taking enough solids to meet their needs, so there's no reason to rush these things. My son is 14 months and still on infant formula, for several reasons, allergies, help with weight gain, nutrition requirements, etc. Kids pick up on it when we're stressed, so just make eating fun. When she takes a bite of something and swallows, make a BIG deal about it, and make sure she realizes how pleased you are. She'll start eating more and more as she realizes this is what you want her to do and sees how happy it makes you.

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