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Biting! Yikes!!
Sep 9, 2008
Hi everyone,

I have a 14 month old DD who has recently started biting at daycare. I have never seen her bite anybody. She's never bitten anybody anywhere but daycare. We spend a LOT of time around other kids. I have a few really good friends who have kids that are between 9months and 20 months so she sees them frequently...and she's been in daycare since she was 2 months old. We've never had a problem with her being too agressive or biting, and just last week they said she's trying to bite up to 11 times a day. I keep trying to ask them about the situations that are leading up to the biting (because from the notes I'm getting it's just out of the blue. It's not like another child takes a toy or something...she just walks over and tries to bite another kid for apparently no reason). The daycare doesn't seem to be too concerned about WHAT IS MAKING her bite...just the fact that she's concern is that there has to be something she's trying to communicate because she's never bitten in any other situation.

Anyway- so my question there anything I can do or suggest to the daycare about the biting? She's in a child care setting, so she's with other children who are 10-19 months old. Right now they are telling her that teeth are for "eating food" and putting her in the high chair. I ask if they give her food when they put her in the high chair and they said no because they don't want it to be a "reward" for biting. (which I totally agree with) But I dont' want the high chair to become a time out place either. I have enough trouble getting her to eat (another problem entirely) that I don't want her to think she's being "punished" when she's in the high chair. She's 14 months old so I cannot reason with her...I've dealt with this problem and know how to handle it with a 2.5-4 year old...but how do I deal with a 14 month old?

Any suggestions?
Wow, Sarah, personally, I think I would be pretty ticked off if my daycare provider provided me with only that message. I would suggest having them write out detailed notes. Have one of the day care providers follow her for 1/2 an hour or so. Catch Ella in the act so to speak. WRITE IT DOWN. I would want specifics. Saying the biting is "out of the blue" just wouldn't fly with me because you know it doesn't happen that way at home. For every behavior there is something behind it - even at this age. Something must have provoked it.
If she is teething, putting her in a high chair with no food is NOT going to teach her ANYTHING. Giving her a teething toy, however, will show her what she can bite. Why can't they try a gentle "No bite," and distract her with something she can bite? Doesn't this make more sense than a high chair with no food? A 14 month old cannot possible comprehend this kind of reprimand, especially if she's not being given something TO bite.
I'm sorry to get so dramatic, but I would be personally very upset, and ask to speak with a manager.
How do you feel about this kind of approach?

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