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hello, congrates on your new baby boy. i have been following this post and i am no expert i too am a first time mom my daughter now 9 months old but we have been through a lot together in these 9 months and ive learned so much and i wanted to just share with you and maybe it could help you and all other new moms. my ped told me the same thing about feeding every 2 hrs (breast fed) and my daughter would not wake up to feed she was so tired i felt bad and let her sleep. turned out i was wrong i should have encouraged her to eat more so she would go potty more to get rid of the jaundice. when my daughter was six days old i had to sit and only look at my screaming baby for 26 long hrs because she would not fight the jaundice i could not touch her move her comfort her or nothing they made me feed her formula while laying under the lights and i lost a big supply of milk so now she is both bottle and breast fed by no choice i do not suply enough for i did not get the time for her to make the demand was the longest 26 hours of my life. my point being listen to your doctor..they may not know everything but they do know most important. your baby needs to eat in order to rid the jaundice if you play around with that you may be indangering your child. i would at least stick it out for the first few months to establish he is out of danger and all jaundice is gone and birth weight is regained. thank you for bearing through this long posting. and good luck with your new baby enjoy the young times they grow fast.:angel:

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