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Hi Skyy--
Yes, allergies are genetic. Although I'm sure some people who have no known allergies in their families can develop them later in life. Sometimes they just pop up out of nowhere. I think it has a lot to do with polution, and how our food is grown and processed. And also your own immune system as to why people develop them... But that's not scientific fact! Just take a look at the differences in this world though, from 50 years ago, to today, and the amount of allergies being seen in kids and babies. It's really sad.
There are different things to look for with a food allergy. Hives are a big one. They can appear where the allergen touches the skin, or they can appear after the food has been ingested. Also diarreah or vomiting and irritability are big ones. My ds was exclusively breastfed (actually, he drank pumped milk from a bottle), EXCEPT for about 5 or 6 bottles of formula when he was about a month old over a week's time or so (I thought I had to supplement with formula because he was hungrier than what I could produce at the time). He developed a milk allergy, and we noticed it when he was about 4 months old. He was SUCH a hungry little guy (he got so excited when he saw us eating food, and was always moving his mouth in a chewing motion, and seemed to be ALWAYS downing a bottle) as well, so we decided to try him on rice cereal at 4 months. And it just so happened that the brand we chose (Nestle), has skim milk powder in it. He developed hives wherever the cereal touched, and also threw up a couple times after different feedings. We didn't put together however, that it was the skim milk powder until about 3 months later when we tried giving him yogurt, and he had a terrible allergic reaction (body-wide hives, and was vomitting). So anyway, I blame myself for this--partially because allergies DO run in my family so he's more prone to developing them himself, and also because I gave him formula, and fed him at only 4 months.
I've done a lot of research on this (and on the benefits and risks of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding), because I'm pregnant again, and I of course want to do everything I can to prevent this baby from having the same troubles!
But again, I can't stress enough that not all babies by a long shot, will develop allergies from being formula fed, or from having food younger than 6 months, this was just our experience. It's possible that he would've had the allergy either way (even if we hadn't of given him any formula, and waited until he was 6 months to give him food), we'll never know now!

Whiskers :)

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