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Runny Poop Question
Oct 15, 2008
:o:Sorry if TMI, but my 3 month old DS has had really runny, watery, bright yellowish BM's for awhile. It seems to be more watery now than before. I am only breast feeding and he is taking liquid vitamin drops daily. He weighs 14.1 pounds. The BM's seem to have no little seedy pieces like before, and the odor is a little different. Is this normal? He only usually has one a day like this. And it keeps going through his clothes!:D
My DD is going to be a month old next week and she's been having this same thing since she was born. I am too breastfeeding and am starting to become a bit concerned because it feels like all she does is poop!!! It is seedy but also always runny. Sometimes I worry that she is going too much or that it's not a normal consistency. I breastfed my first daughter as well but I can't remember if she went this much. Does it seem normal for her to go this often? Like every time I change her? :confused:
BF babies typically do have runny and even watery poop, but if you've seen a change, then I would look at what you may have changed/added to your diet. None of my babies could handle me drinking milk or eating dairy. Their poop became even mucousy when I drank milk. How long has your baby taken the vitamin? Perhaps that is doing it.
Yes, I was also thinking maybe the vitamin drops were causing it too. It seemed to start to change right about the same time as he started the drops.
Just curious as to why you're giving him vitamins. If you're breastfeeding and taking the prenatal vitamins yourself, that should be sufficient for him. I was only told to give my babies vitamins after their 6 or 9 month check for iron since their iron stored up from birth depletes by then. I also gave fluoride at 6 months, I believe. But I thought breastmilk alone was fine until later.

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