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she has her 2 bottom teeth in already and the doctor said the top are on the way (although i cant feel or see them! )

Today her cheeks are very red (looks as if she has a rash) and it seems to be getting worse (red) she doesnt have a fever.,...could this be from the teething? how long is it going to last?! is it bothering her?
Grace gets red cheeks too when a tooth is coming! It doesn't seem to bother her at all, but I usually but some lotion on them to make sure they are nice and moisturized.
It's most likely from the teething, however remember that babies have super sensitive skin. If you live in a cold area, chances are wind burn too- It happens where I live all the time, even to me! Rest assured your baby is fine, if it doesn't go away though then I would make an appointment with her Doctor. Hope this helps ease your concern...

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