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My personal opinion is that your 6 month old is on a lot of drugs for such a young and tender age. For instance: Did you know that Pulmicort is a steroid? Did you know it is not really recommended for children under the age of 6 years old, unless your doctor thinks it is okay. It also can effect the growth of children. He is taking Pulmicort Repsules? Those are approved from the age of 12 months to 8 years of age.
Nasonex is another steroid. Again, because this is a steroid is can affect your child's growth. Steroids also suppress the immune system leaving you child more vulnerable to getting sick. Did you know that the safety and effectiveness of Nasonex have not been established for children under 3?

You need to find a naturopathic or holistic doctor who will treat your child naturally. Chemicals to not belong in the body, and having an infant on several steroids and assuming that he gets vaccinated and thinking about a possible flu shot too? Don't you think that is a bit extreme? Your best defense against is to build the immume system NATURALLY, not with a shot. Many think that the flu shot will "prevent" and "protect" but that is far from the truth. Basically it is a crap shoot as far as which strains the scientists chose to include in the seasonal shots. There are many chemicals that are in each shot that are introduced to the system including other animals DNA, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. These things only further lower the immune system, so it really doesn't make any sense.....not to me anyways.
I think you need to start doing some research on your childs drugs, that is way too many for such a tender age. Their bodies do not have the ability to filter out the chemicals as much as an older child or adult can, so the body will store those chemicals in the tissues which over time when the body becomes weak enough will lead to sickness, disease, and other illness. These are not opinions, but rather facts of how the body works.
I stronly urge you to research for yourself, read others experiences. I would look into another doctor ot better yet a holistic or naturopathic doctor who will take a more gentle and natural approach.

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