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I personally wouldn't worry about the bottles affecting his teeth just yet. He is still a baby. My 14 month old still has a bottle for her nap, a bottle before bed at night, and 1-2 in the middle of the night (although last night she actually slept through, praise God!).
With that said, You might try trading the 5pm bottle for a snack. I only let my DD have bottles anymore when it is nap or bed time. There are lots of things I'm sure he is ready to eat. My DD was pretty much eating what we eat by that age. Try pasta: spagetti cut into small pieces or macaroni and cheese. Bananas, any type of canned fruit or veggies (pears, peaches, green beans, mixed viggies) because they are soft. DD also likes lunch meat, any type of potatos, and kashi bars (make sure there are no nuts). Gerber makes a wide variety of snack finger foods. We buy the fruit bites (freeze dried fruit snack), biter biscuits (disolve in the mouth), and fruit puffs (also dissolve in the mouth). Another good first finger food is dried cereal, like cheerios or chex.
It is really fun introducing big kid food!

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