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I wouldn't feel bad about the bottles either. You know he is getting all his nutrients from his formula. That should make you feel good when you start intoducing table food. Sometimes they don't eat much when you first start them. (at least you feel that way) My dd is 10 months too. She has never eaten baby food. She hated it from day one. She would gag and act like she was going to throw up. So she has eaten off the table since around 6-7 months. My doctor says i can give her anything we eat except wait on fish or spicey food. She has a morning bottle, breakfast(loves butter toast), another bottle 2hrs. later for morning nap. Has lunch around 12.(lunch meat, cheese, green beans, fruit....) Has a 6 ounce bottle for nap at 2. Sleeps 2 hours. Then I give her a snack.(there are wonderful snacks out there for babies) She has dinner at 6.(noodles, baby yogurt(a must have!)soup, veggies, chicken...) Sometimes I sneak a 2 ounce bottle in to hold her over to 8:30. She gets bath, story and then a 6 ounce bottle. Now sleeping through the night is another thing. You never know.... she may wake up around 4 for a bottle or sleep through until 8.... And then the day starts all over. I would suggest to put the juice in a sippy cup. My older son had juice in a bottle... He had major dental work when he was 3 years old. I had to learn the hard way. Just a suggestion...... I'm afraid to even give juice to my dd. She gets water in her sippy cup with her meals! Just start to give him bites of food when you are eating... you will know by that what he will like or not. just keep trying! Don't give up! Good luck!!

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