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Hi all ~ I've never used soap on Madeline's face. I do behind her ears though because it looks like carrots could grow in them most of the time, lol.

She also gets really bad eczema (sp?) on her legs, so we use mild soap as well, Megss. I definitely agree with the previous poster that warm water and the wash cloth are all you need.

Megss ~ What kinds of lotions work best for Grace? Madeline has it terrible right now! Our ped. told us to try hydrocortisone cream...have you done this?
Thanks ladies! Meggs and Laura, what does the eczema look like? I am just curious because Ella has always had pinkish colored cheeks and they feel rough. I asked a long time ago about it and her pedi acted as though it was something that would just go away with time. However it hasn't. Some of the girls at work were telling me that they thought they were milk bumps? I am not sure, have you heard of that because I never had. Sometimes I wonder if Ella doesn't have eczema as well. She also has patches that feel the same on her thighs and on the backs of her arms, although those places aren't red, just rough feeling. I know I had it as a baby. Whiskers, Ella doesn't know how to keep her head back either, so I have to lean her back and cover her face with my hand when rinsing her head. Fun times, let me tell you. The whole time she tries to push my hand away, yet if she gets ONE drop of water on her face, she has a fit!!! Gotta love em! By the way too, I don't think I've ever mentioned this, but I absolutely LOVE your son's name. So cute.

That sounds exactly like Eczema. Eczema is simply very dry skin, so try just moisturizing it, and if that doesn't work, it is okay to use Cortisone up to two times daily. Grace mainly gets it on her cheeks, but she will also get it on her wrists, knuckles, ankles, tops of her feet, and behind her legs. Her cheeks can get very pink, but the patches she develops else where are usually just a tannish color.

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