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My DD has her bottom 2 front teeth. Which ones should I look for next? She's chewing on everything in sight and I'm expecting one at anytime.
top middle two
It really just depends on the child. Me, my friend and my sister all had little boys within 5 months of each other, and they all got thier teeth in a different order. There is a "normal" order, but all kids are different!
My 8.5 month old DD still doesn't have any teeth! Im starting to wonder....
My daughter is 10.5 months and hers are just now coming in. They started coming in 1 1/2 weeks ago. She is getting 3 and possibly 4 at once.
The pp's are right--they don't always come in, in the same order. It just depends on the baby. Typically it goes center bottom two, then center top two, and I think next is supposed to be the two on either side of the bottom ones, then the two on either side of the top ones. I used to have a little pamphlet around here somewhere that I got from my dentist when they met my ds, but I don't know what I did with it... Anyway, that's where I got my info from! But I'm sure if you're ever curious you can find out what's "typical" somewhere on the net.

Whiskers :)
Jeremy had his 4 lower teeth out first and then 4 upper teeth . Sometimes i wonder if this is the reason behind the sleepless nights. One tooth is hard enough but 4 poor thing.

My DD got her two bottom middles, then the two top middles, next were one on each side of the top front. I was waiting since October for the bottom ones to come next to the middles and nothing...all of a sudden the other day I saw she cut 3 of the four first molars!!!! So, I like everyone said, not all babies get teeth in the same order:)

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