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hey there,
i was reading a book by Brazelton and he said that moving is really stressful for a toddler. and that there sleep would probably be interupted, so i am guessing it's the move. also, during these months up to 18m, our little ones (my dd is 15m) are dealing with a lot of insecurities and a low self-esteem.

i have found that praising dd with lots (and i mean lots) of positive reinforment throughout the day really helps her feel more secure.

about the sleeping thing...i've always co-slept with dd since the day she was born and only last week on wednesday did we decide to put her in her crib in her nursery which is right next to our bedroom. (we decided to put her in her crib, bc she was waking up constantly and it seemed she wanted more room and she wanted snack in the night and for us to play with her -- it just got to be too much -- we were black and blue in the morning -- and she's never slept through the night either.)

it was really rough for a few days (we did ferber) but just today, it was smooth sailing for both naptime and bedtime. during the night when she cries, if it is for more than 5 mins of strong crying i check on her give her hugs and kisses, check diaper, offer water, find pacifier, etc. i try to make it quick. if she does have a wet diaper, i then sit and cuddle her for a few minutes.

if she doesnt have a wet diaper, i tell her that i am close by and go back to my room after i comfort her. OH and i have the fisherprice rain forest music box, that i turn on for her and ive been playing that for her every night since she was about a month old. so that is a big comfort for her and her piggy. and i have a very soft nightlight on, her humidifier and an electrical heater, so lots of white noise, which i read is essential for them to get to a deeper sleep.

right now i am also reading happiest toddler on the block, which is ok. but i am also reading the baby whisper -- but for the is really helping me a lot to understand dd more. i only wish i had read books before she was born !! but i'm reading now.

you might just have to try the ferber method (the first time we tried our dd cried for 45 mins. NO FUN -- but now, it's worth it.

let us know how it goes and super good luck. it's so hard being a mama, but i try to remember it's even harder being a baby and a toddler.


p.s. oh and in the mornings (7am) i slather dd with praises about how good she did in the night -- i really put it on thick and lots of hugs and tell her thank you for sleeping so good, i'm so proud of you , you did awesome, all that stuff. and we have bear hugs for like 10 mins. i truly miss sleeping with her and feeling her warm breath, but i dont miss not feeling my husband or getting head butted in the night !!

i'm 29weeks along right now, so i know we'll have another one coming into our bed at least for the first 3 months....i'm already looking forward to that...oh, baby days....

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