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Only 1 hour after the baby has eaten from it. Bacteria can grow on the nipple from the babies saliva and formula. Even if the baby has not eaten from it, I still wouldn't let it sit out much longer than an hour.
I agree with Megss.. I always threw his formula out if it sat for more than an hour... if you feel like you are wasting formula, start making smaller amounts. Its just as easy to make more if need be...
an untouched bottle is good for 2 hrs and if its refrigerated its good for 24 hrs, but one the baby starts eating it its only good for an hour
Frankly, I've used them for many, many hours (up to 8 or so, but generally 6). Boy is 9 mos and hasn't had a problem. But I much prefer to keep a cap on it to better close off air reacting with the formula in the bottle.

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