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[QUOTE=Brooke85;3827586]Sounds like my DD who started doing that around that age. I had to leave so many restaurants & stores because of tantrums, I just about boycotted leaving the house with her altogether:) She will be 3 in Feb. and for the most part it has gotten better. No tantrums anywhere, she stays next to me, holds my hand...waits up on the sidewalk while I am strapping baby brother in the carseat until it's her turn. She's now to the point where I can reason with her somewhat and when I calmly explain to her why she can't have/do something, she usually settles down a bit. Don't get me wrong, there's still tantrums, but not nearly as much as before and they usually all at home right before nap time. I have always did my best to ignore the tantrums. My DD is VERY stubborn and persistent, she'd throw her large toys and hit me when I ignored her. It is hard to ignore, but unless she hit me, I completely ignored it or I took away the toy she threw or I'd put her in her playpen (timeout) without saying a word. You just have to find what works for you & DD. Experiement a lot and stick with what you think is best. The age your DD is at was a bit difficult for me in my opinion, however, I promise it does pass!

Oh and try not to feel bad for wanting to leave the house for a bit for a break! We mommies need to do that to maintain our sanity. Happy moms make happy babies. I keep having to remind myself of that as I rarely take time out for myself. I feel a bit guilty on the days where I'm excited it's nap time for my DD...I can get stuff done that it's more difficult to do when she's awake. It gives me time to clear my head or just spend one-on-one time with my 9 month old DS and by the time she wakes up I feel a lot better.[/QUOTE]

WOW BROOKE... This sounds just like my munchkin!!! If you don't remember we spent A LOT of time together talking on the FEB06 Mommies thread and I just had to look you up to see if you were still around... You had another baby? That is great!!! I just found out I was preg with my second!! I cannot wait! I know what you mean about the naps and getting stuff done... I work full time now, go to school full time now, and take care of her rottenness... haha! I swear she is the most rotten then ever, but I made her that way... now I must deal with the consequences... But OH DO I ENJOY every second of her?! I could just eat up the funny things she says to me... I couldn't have asked for a better baby... but from day one we always took her out of the resturant so she could play while we waited on our food, and now if she doesn't get to do that she is MAD!!!!!! And she pitches one just like you said!! Do you know how any of the other women and their kids are???

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