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DD and protein
Dec 29, 2008
My DD is going to be 18 months in a few days. She HATES meat of almost any kind. She will eat chicken but only in nugget form :D and that is pretty much it. She refuses to eat any other kind of meat. I've tried other things for protein but she pretty much refuses them as well. I just can hardly get her to eat anything anymore. She's very picky it seems and I am worried that she isn't getting what she needs. Does anyone else have this issue with their LO's and if so, how have you handled it? Also, it seems ever since she was switched off of formula on to whole milk at 12 months that she's had issues with constipation. She will be fine for about a week and a half and then will go through about three or four days of being constipated off and on and then it will get better and then start all over again. It's been so bad that a few times I've had to give her suppositories to make her go, which is just horrible and traumitizing to her. I asked her doctors office what to do about it and they suggested increasing water, juice and trying Karo Syrup. I've done all of these things, and while it may help a little, the problem always returns. I feel so bad for her. There are literally times where she cries when trying to go. It's horrible. Any ideas and how to help her from getting that way to begin with?

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