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It is the formula and it doesnt matter what kind. Breastmilk is thinner and easily absorb by the baby's stomach while formula is thicker and leaves a residue. My son is also on Enfamil with iron and he had 2 episodes of constipation when he was 1 month old. It was aweful, his face was really red, crying while he try to expel that hard poop wont just come out. I could almost feel his pain and want to take it away from him but I was helpless.

I gently massage his belly with baby oil and flex his knees towards his belly.
Everything came out and he was a happy baby.

Now I am on alert, if he doesnt poop in 24 hours, I massage his belly very gently or breastfeed him. Doc said, I can give 1 oz water in between feeding but my baby dont like water.

He is now 3 months old and has had no constipation problem since then.

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