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Ahhhh....the pacifier.....I remember being almost terrified of trying to wean my daughter of this. Luckily for us, she only took it for naps and bedtime. We took it away on Thanksgiving night while I was on a break (I teach 3rd grade, so I gave myself time!). We just did it...cold turkey of course. Madeline cried and cried for a solid 45 minutes that night. Every time I wanted to go to her of course, my fiancee just told me it was for her best interest and she would go to sleep eventually. And she did. The next day it was better - only 20 minutes of crying. By the third night, she didn't cry at all. So, the best advice I have for you is to just do it. And throw them ALL away. Make sure you've found all stashes and dispose of them. The longer you continue to let her have it, the sillier she will look when she's four years old walking around with one, lol...if you let her ;)

As for the bottle, we started the weaning process around 12 months. At that point, she only wanted a bottle in the morning, which is ironic because most kids want the night-time bottle. We also just did it cold turkey and packed them all away. Madeline was already transitioned nicely to the cup, so there was NO NEED for a bottle. She was angry at me - I could tell. It became part of our morning ritual and she did NOT like it.

I think if your daughter doesn't take a bottle to bed, then it should be really easy for you. Thankfully for us, we never started that habit of sending our daughter to bed with a bottle.

Either way, I would do both the pacifier and bottle cold turkey; however, I would do it one thing at a time. As for the teeth brushing...make it a game. Let her do it while you brush your teeth. Would that work?

Good luck!!!

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