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what cant you feed a 6 month old?
At six months I was feeding cereal at least once a day and babyfood atleast once a day. I usually put a little fruit in the cereal. Every baby is different and what he is ready for and how much they eat will depend on the child. My lo is almost 10 months and still only has stage 2 babyfood. He just gags on anything with lumps and will not eat a whole jar of the3 size. Just be sure the main source of nutrition is still formula or breast milk. Babyfood is meant as a suppliment to milk, not a replacement of a bottle.
If you mean for allergies and safety what can't you feed a 6 month old don't feed them popcorn, peanuts, raisins, grapes, honey, eggs, hotdogs. These are choking hazards and allergy foods. Is this what you meant?

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