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my 18 month old son has really bad diarrhea. What can i do? Im changing his diaper every half hour.
When my daughter had diarrhea our pedi told us to keep her very hydrated but to stay away from the juices. They said to give her a BRAT diet (bannanas, rice, apples, and dry toast). I actually mixed the applesauce with rice and fed that to her alot. I would put pieces of rice on her high chair for her to feed herself.

As far as trying to prevent/relieve a diaper rash...we used warm wash clothes (they said no wipes not even the sensitive) and also changed her diapers about every half hour. We also used TONS of Triple Paste cream and that seemed to really help. They said you should use some type of cream that has zinc in it (which the triple paste does).

How long has he had the diarrhea? Did you call your pediatrician?

I hope that helps. Does your little guy have a fever with the diarrhea? Best of luck to you and your little one.
Be sure to keep him hydrated. Lots of Pedialyte and water. Make sure he is not getting dehydrated. That is the biggest risk to little ones. They can dehydrate much faster than adults and the consequences are worse. Take him to his doctor if you haven't already. Better safe than sorry.

I have found that for the resulting diaper rash, anything lavender based helps a TON.
If he doesn't like pedialyte, because my daughter hates it, you can give him gatorade too to help keep him hydrated.
I hope he feels better soon!
I have actually learned that milk of magnesia is great for curing a diaper rash. Make sure that his bottom is clean and dry and then coat it with this stuff. It will draw out the heat and work like a charm, better than the standard butt paste or triple paste.
As far as the diarrhea goes, the previous posters are spot on. The BRAT diet works best...NO DAIRY!!!
I feel your daughter had this about a month ago and it's the worst. We did Little Tummy's Gas Relief Drops too. These seemed to help. Hang in there!

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