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You are not inadequate. I learned that every baby is different even amongs sisters and brothers when they were an infant.

My milk supply wasnt very good from the very start so I have always used formula after breastfeeding. Now my milk is really drying and my son (Just turned 4 months yesterday) is sorely on formula feedings. I also started him on solid foods a week ago (pureed sweet potatoe) and he loves it more than the rice cereal. No stomach pain or constipation.

I think the formula is what making him sleep from 10pm to 7am straight and I was worried that he might not getting a right amount of feedings. I tried to feed him just before bedtime and burp him well and so far, no spit up or vomiting was noted. He started sleeping straight at 2 1/2 months and we constantly check him because I was sooo scared that he was too quiet. It turned out that he was just enjoying his sleep. If he falls asleep early like 8pm, I will wake him up and feed him by midnight just to make sure that his belly is not empty for 11 hours and I make sure his diaper is not soaking wet.

I also tried everything what your doctor was opposed to. I have an amby baby where my son was rocked and slept before we move him to his crib. The night when I could hardly part with him and I have him sleep in my arms. I dont see anything wrong with that. I think it is called bonding. Infant usually calms down when they are in your arms. It is affection and security and you cant spoil an infant doing that.

I think it also depends if your baby is a premature or very small in size or weight. I guess the doctor is scared that if we feed the baby before sleep that they have the tendency to aspirate in their sleep.

Enjoy motherhood! Is your baby rolling already?

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