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[QUOTE=jsfai;3913170]I think the key word is 'prolonged'. As a NICU/paed nurse I have watched many mums worry and torment themselves becouse of indoctrinated opinions of medical, nurse, child care etc etc 'experts'. If a child is two or three and still drinking from a baby bottle, yes that can be an issue but at twelve months and in the active transition to a sippy cup then all is fine.
If a child has teeth then they should be cleaned whether or not the baby is using a bottle. Dont make anything more stressful than it needs to be, dont make mountains out of molehills. Motherhood is a precious time and there are too many other things to worry about. mother's instinct is an important mothering tool.

it's my understanding that "baby bottle mouth" is caused when parents leave the milk or juice bottle in the crib with their babies, where they can suck on them all night (thus the "prolonged" sucking that jsfai mentioned).

both my girls drank from bottles (for milk - they used sippy cups for juice and water) until they were 2 1/2. we always brushed their teeth at night before bedtime to make sure their teeth stayed healthy. then we transitioned to a cup. their teeth are perfect and healthy, no cavities or stains or anything.... we've never had any issues at all.

personally, i think some doctor made up the "wean by 12 months" rule because too many parents were still allowing their 3 and 4 year olds to drink from a bottle and it's just easier to take something away from a baby than it is to take something away from a 3 or 4 year old.... unless you are a parent who actually will tell your child NO.... but a lot of parents just won't do that.

anyway, i'm not disagreeing with anyone here. weaning at 12 months works for a lot of people and that's great. i'm just sharing my own experience to let you know that weaning at 12 months doesn't HAVE to be the rule. you really can let your baby have the bottle for as long as you want her to have it. it's really not going to hurt her or put her developmentally behind in any way. again, go with what your mommy instincts tell you. :)

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