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Sounds perfectly normal to me...probably a growth spurt...some babies sleep thru right from the get go, my youngest only slept thru the night once I stopped each is different...I think your dr is off the mark here how can a 3 month old have behavioural issues?? thats a bit odd?

Trust your instincts..and see what other moms your dr a mom? I have a great ped but she doesn't have her own kids so sometimes her advice is a little off the mark...

I also gave my LOs some cereal around the 4 month mark too, you can try a little very liquidy and see what he thinks...if he is sitting up it should be fine!
The 3 month growth spurt is a biggie! If he's waking up and willingly eating, then he's obviously hungry. I don't know what your ped was talking about with the behavioural issues... He's only 3 months old for cryin' out loud! He does not yet have the brain capacity to "misbehave". It's not like he can think "hm, if I cry, mommy will come get me". Geeze!

Someone else mentioned that he could be starting to cut teeth, which is also a possibility, that's what I would assume if he's not easily soothed.

I totally understand your need for a good night's sleep! Try not to worry, this will pass. But in the meantime, if he's waking, I would try feeding him first and see if that's the problem. It very likely could be, even if he's eating quite a lot before bedtime.

Hang in there!
Whiskers :wave:

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