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if you're breast feeding, i'd guess he's hit a growth spurt. you mentioned that you work, so are you giving him formula, or are you pumping during the day? if you are pumping, are you pumping enough for him? i'm sure you are aware that growth spurts are to help breast feeding moms produce more milk, so if you are working and pumping at work, then i would assume you're not producing enough to sustain him anymore. you could try to pump a couple more ounces with each bottle and see if that helps. and if you could stick it out until the weekend (i assume you don't work weekends?), then maybe you could devote this weekend to exclusively breastfeeding him whenever he wants to eat and then hopefully your milk production would catch up? this is all assuming you are breastfeeding exclusively....

OTHERWISE..... if he's getting formula too, then i would just add a couple more ounces to his formula with each bottle and see if that does it.

ALSO, make sure he's not missing any feedings during the day. if a baby is sleeping through the night, then he should be getting a bottle every 3 hours during the day (theoretically). when my daughter was 3 months old, we lived with my inlaws and my MIL would put my daughter to sleep when it was time for a feeding, and then would just hold her the whole time and wouldn't let me feed my daughter.... not being ugly, she just had the mindset that when she's hungry, she'll wake up to eat.... and she would, three hours later! so she missed a couple of feedings each day and would wake up a couple of times each night to make up for it! it made me crazy! when i finally started waking my daughter up to keep her on an every 3 hours feeding schedule during the day, then she finally started sleeping through the night. so i would talk to your baby's caregiver and make sure your baby stays on an every 3 hour feeding schedule and see if that helps.

if none of those things don't work (and your doctor says his ears are fine), then it might just be time to start your baby on cereal. he is close to 4 months, which is the average age that babies start on cereal, he might just be slightly out of the "average" range.

anyway, i hope something here can help! :)

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