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if the foreskin is partially fused am I able to pull it back or does a doctor need to do this
Hi, as mentioned, it's good to ask your doctor.

Also, is he circumcised or not?

Because my circumcised son had a small problem when what there is of his foreskin (and there IS foreskin, albeit not much) fused to the rim of the head. No-one had told me (and I'd not read) to "exercise" his penis foreskin so it wouldn't happen. His wasn't bad, so the urologist told me to apply hydrocortisone around the rim a few days, then attempt to push back the skin there with a cotton swab. This worked - hurt him at the moment, but he got over it, and we were just careful as the rim healed. And kept exercising it. It's long healed, but I now push it back every day once just to keep it from doing that again (it has a bit because I didn't do as much, but doc says it isn't bad).
The penis forms as one organ and at birth the foreskin is usually fused to the glans like a fingernail to its finger. So there is no cavity for germs and dirt to collect in until it separates naturally later, at an average age of 10. Only the boy himself should retract it and then he can be taught to skin back and rinse with plain water regularly.
Misguided attempts to retract too early, often by doctors and nurses, are the main cause of damage to boys’ foreskins.
If you are talking about a circumcised boy. You need to know why adhesions sometimes form. To perform a neo-natal circumcision the circumciser has to rip the foreskin away from the glans with forceps. Then the foreskin is either cut away or clamped until it falls off. It's quite common for the raw edges of the cut foreskin to fuse to the raw glans during the healing process, forming skin bridges or tags. Doctors don't seem to warn parents of this possibility. It's necessary to pull back the remains of the foreskin and smear vaseline on the glans to prevent adhesions. The vaseline also helps prevent stinging from urine on the raw wound and glans.
An uncircumcised infant penis requires no special care except external washing. Even ballooning during urination is perfectly normal, as those natural attachments gradually break down. Infections are not usually a problem except when premature attemps to retract are made,
Hope this helps,

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