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Apr 19, 2009
I have a 17 month old son who seems to scream/squeal a great deal. Quick back story: he has a 5 month old brother and has to share the spotlight. That might be part of the story. So, that said, Ben, my 17 month old , screams when he wants something and is told no (something dangerous etc.) this is normal right? But he has been screaming/crying when I am trying to feed him lately. I know he has a tooth coming in but I have been trying to give him jarred foods so his meals are softer. He screams so piercingly that I can actually feel my eardrum move!! He also screeches and fights during diaper changes like a tasmanian devil. Is this just a stage? How do I get the screaming to stop? I get very frustrated toward days end and my husband gets frustrated immediately. So far I have told him "no", "stop it/ stop screaming" ,distracting him during diaper changes, having others feed him when they are over, placing food in his bottles and going back to formula to get some nutrients in him as he is teething. Any ideas on how long this lasts? anyone in a similar situation? any suggestions as how to get this to stop?

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