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Re: Febrile Seizure
May 14, 2009
i haven't personally experienced it with any of my kids, but i've researched it a lot (because my middle child gets really high fevers - in the 105 range), and there is a lot of conflicting information out there. some say it's caused by the height of the fever, some say it's caused by the sudden spike in temp, some say that there are certain kids who are just prone to it.... but the one thing they all seem to agree on, is that it looks a lot scarier than it really is. i can't imagine how terrifying it must have been to watch your three month old go through that!!!

anyway, my only advice to you is to find out as much as you can about it, and make an appointment with your baby's doctor to sit down and talk about it too. have a list of questions prepared in advance, and don't let the doctor leave until each question has been answered.

saying lots of prayers for you and your little one :)
Re: Febrile Seizure
May 29, 2009
My daughter did the same thing. It is VERY scary, but I was reassured by both the hospital and her doctor that it wouldnt cause any damage to her. They also said it would most likely never happen again. She was 2 when it happened and she is now almost 7. While she still runs high fevers (as high as 105.3) she has never had another seizure. Although the panic is still there when her fever spikes.

Doctors like to prevent it from happening, which is why they say when kids start running fevers its important to get them down. But they said it rarely does damage. I think it depends on how long the seizure lasts and if it really is a febrile. When it happened, they were very concerned, but once it was over they went out of their way to reassure me that everything was ok.

So rest assured that it will most likely never happen again.

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