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My supply adjusted with when I was feeding my baby. I breast fed her almost exclusively for her first 5 months, only giving bottles every once in a blue moon, when she was really starving and we were out where breast feeding just wasn't possible. I started weaning her down slowly between 5-6 months. I would give formula once or twice a day and then three times a day.... up until I was only nursing morning and night. After I started taking the medicine, I cut back to only nursing in the morning. I actually just quit the morning nursing a couple of weeks ago, because she started cutting her first top tooth (and already had two bottom teeth) and she bit me.... I don't love being bitten, so we called it quits right there!

Okay, so there were also a couple of other factors that helped me decide to quit.... one was that I could never get her back to her own bed after that morning nursing (she was too cuddly!), so when my other kids woke up around 7:30, they'd always wake her up.... in her own bed, she'd sleep until 9! And I was never comfortable nursing after I started taking the medicine, because I was still afraid that it would still transfer into the breast milk. So I quit. Had I not been so worried about the medicine, I probably would've kept going with it (even inspite of the teeth)....

Sorry, that was a long rambling way to say, nope, my supply didn't dry up at all! If you do plan on cutting it down to just morning and night feedings, I would definitely recommend a slow transition!!! With my first two, I quit cold turkey each time, and the engorgement pain was AWFUL! Weaning slowly is definitely a smarter way to do it! :)

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