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[QUOTE=Cookiem26;4000714]DD #2 is almost 11 months old. We are limited right now on what we can feed her due to food allergies. Well, she will pick up and eat cheerios and puffs and pieces of a plain bagel. But she refuses anything and everything else I put in front of her. It's not like she has tried any of the bits of carrot or fruit I have put in front of her, it's almost like a reflex, she just throws it aside and has been doing this for months now! She also has reflux but seems to have gotten beyond the gagging reflex and does really well with chunks of food but she won't try anything at all. How am I supposed to feed her anything but baby food and cheerios? She's got to try new things! I did get a shower curtain liner and put it under her highchair but she still does it, just makes the mess easier to clean up. Any advice? I never dealt with this issue with my first daughter. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,
I am not sure what to suggest to you because of her allergies. What is she allergic to?
You little one just may be use to the foods she has been eating, and does not want to try anything new. It also may be a fun little game to her to throw food down , when it is not what she is familiar with.
Perhaps mix a little new food into her baby food, and spoon feed her at first. See if she will eat it that way .
Finger foods are very good at this age. Yet again, I am unsure as to what she can and cannot eat. Pretent to eat the new food first, and make it a fun experience for her. Show her by example. And make it a big deal. How exciting and Yummy and new food is to eat :)

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