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[QUOTE=Cookiem26;4004959]My DD is almost 11 months and she has been on 2 naps for a long time. We just kind of watched her and followed her cues. I think if your son is sleeping through the night with no problem and seems rested and goes down fine for all 3 naps that is fine but I think by this age you can try 2 naps so he can get his naps more condensed instead of spreading out into shorter periods. If you want to try 2 naps to see how he does try putting him down at his normal 9am and then put him down again at say 1pm instead of waiting until 3. If he gets really cranky between there you may need to adjust the times a little but then again, every baby is different and if he does better at 3 shorter ones that's fine too, you'll know when he is ready. He'll let you know. He'll start protesting in his crib to get up :) Good luck![/QUOTE]

Good advice! If he's still content with 3 naps a day, and YOU'RE content with it as well, then I'd just keep it as such. He's getting the amount of sleep that he needs, when he needs it. But if you'd rather have him take two so you can get out and do things in between and not have to worry about getting him home for a nap, he'll probably be fine with stretching it out a little. I too would recommend just waiting a little longer before putting him down for his 2nd nap, and see how that goes (but if you're anything like me, you look forward to nap time, so maybe you do like having him take 3!).


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