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Re: Ear infections
Aug 31, 2009
Well, I have seen a product at the pharmacy you can buy for $50 or so, you can look in their ears yourself. I was considering getting one but haven't yet. But I just had my 13 month old daughter at the doctor this morning actually because I thought she was wheezing, she had bronchilitis last month and we didn't want to take any chances when I thought she might be, she is getting over another cold. Anyway, no wheezing but the doctor found she has an ear infection. She's had no fever, not been irritable at all, eating fine, not up at night, no way in the world that I would have known. I did tell the doctor I noticed her tugging at her ear now and again but she never seemed bothered, just a tug here and there. Last time she had one she had a high fever so that goes to show you that no ear infection has certain symptoms.

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