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I'm at wits end. My daughter has had reoccurring fevers since 4 mos. old. When I take her to our family doctor he finds nothing. One visit to the ER, due to a wknd episode, they said white count was high but nothing else was found. These fevers happen at the drop of a pin without any warning, at least 1 time a month minimum. If it wasn't for the fever you wouldn't know she was even sick. She's still active when its high, it's been as high as 105.3. I'm going to transfer her to a regular pediatrician tomorrow but I'm not sure what to tell him/her besides what I've said here. I've looked online and found issues close to what has been going on with her from other parents similar issues. Out of all mentionings, I would like to know if it makes sense to consider UTIs?
Hi, I'm right there with you. My daughter is constantly sick. She started daycare at 6 Months old & got her first cold a few weeks later. At 7 Months she developed a fever and was very whiney. The next morning it was 105 and we went to the ER. They ran test after test and started her on an IV. We were there all day. They sent us home with Motrin and basically said, good luck. She constantly has fevers. At least once a month. There are no other symptoms. Just the fever and whiney. We found that Motrin helps her better than Tylenol and it lasts longer too. We even had to cancel her 1st Birthday Party because she came down with a fever of 103.5 the night before. I've just come to terms with it. We wash our hands often and she gets a bath every evening as soon as we get home from daycare. I don't get as upset when I see the fever reading anymore as my pediatrician said if the Motrin helps her to be comfortable and she is up playing, then don't worry about how high it gets. I had a tough time with this at first, but seeing her playing and not laying on me whining makes me feel better about the situation even if her temp is 103. As for the UTI, my DD was tested in the ER and then a few months later in the dr's office. It's not easy for DD or mom. Seems so painful and the nurses hold her down. Both times it came back normal for us. Good luck. I look forward to reading your posts.
Have you either of you considered teething to be the culprit? My middle daughter was very much like both of your babies. Her first doctor had completely blown off the idea that teething can cause fevers, called it coincidence, said she had a virus, etc.... and yet, with every single fever, within a couple of days at the most, she'd start showing other teething signs (drooling, swollen gums, chewing on everything.... I know babies do this all the time anyway, but she'd be doing it a lot more than usual). And yes, her fevers ranged from 102-105.1. We found a new doctor, who said absolutely he believed it could be caused by teething and then gave the same advice about fevers as your doctor did, Accutane2X. He said if she wasn't acting like it bothered her, don't worry about how high the fever gets (that was the first time it got up to 105.1).

Before I figured out she was teething each time, we'd also considered UTI's, but that wasn't the case. If you are worried about it, you can always give her cranberry juice as a precaution or just as a preventative step. Water it down, and you might go with cran-apple, because straight cranberry juice is NASTY!!!

Anyway, I know random high fevers can really freak you out if you don't know what is causing them, but sometimes the answer is a pretty simple one. I'd start watching for signs of teething with each fever and see if that isn't the case with your babies. :)

PS-a word of advice from one who went through it many times.... I'd stay away from the ER as much as possible! If baby's only symptom is a fever, unless baby is showing signs of dehydration, you do not need to go to the ER. They're just going to scratch their heads, shove an IV in as a precaution, load her up with Tylenol and Motrin, and send her home after several hours with the diagnosis of "virus." You can do most of that at home (minus the IV, which isn't necessary unless baby is dehydrated, in which case, you should go to the ER). :)
Believe me, I won't step foot in the ER unless it's absolutely necessary. The only reasons we went when we did was because it was the first time my child had been sick (and I'm a first-time mom), Tylenol was not working to bring the fever down (and I wasn't told I was allowed to use Motrin yet), and when we called the on-call Dr (Sunday night) he told us if it her temp got above 105 to go to the ER because she was so young. The only thing I learned from going to the ER was that my DD was now old enough for Motrin. Thank God for it. I hope they never stop making it or take it off the shelf like they did with cold medicine. Well I guess I learned 2 things, the other being try to avoid the ER at all costs.
Yes, I have considered teething to be the cause of the fevers, but I've been told over and over by all three drs at my ped. office that teething does not cause fevers that high. They are not saying teething can't raise the temp, just not up to 103. I'm still skeptical, but I continue to believe that my DD is catching a lot of stuff at daycare.
Thanks for the reply!
Totally understand the first time Mom thing!!! I did it with my first too, and I will probably feel guilty for it for the rest of my life!!! The stupid ER nurses had no idea how to put an IV in an infant, and they literally tortured my baby poking her numerous times, wiggling the needle inside her arm trying to find the vein..... it was so awful! But her temp was 103 and wouldn't come down with tylenol, and I didn't know anything at the time, plus we were out of town, so it was off to the ER. Never again!!! The really frustrating thing was that she wasn't even close to being dehydrated (she was drinking plenty of juice and wetting diapers like crazy!) but they insisted she needed an IV.... horrible experience! So yes, I am a little biased that way.

A lot of doctors still insist that teething and fevers are strictly coincidence. I know first hand, from each of my three children (especially my middle child), that teething can cause fevers ranging from your typical 99.3 all the way up to 105.1. Maybe this is the case with your child, maybe not.

It might help if you keep a journal of your baby's daily activities, growth, new tricks, new foods, etc... after awhile, you might notice a pattern of when the fevers occur, and what baby did that day. Maybe you'll see that every time she gets around your Great Aunt Esther, that baby turns up with a fever the next day. And then you might put together that Great Aunt Esther always eats shellfish and your baby might be allergic to shellfish, and maybe part of her reaction is a fever.... weird example, I know, but my brother is allergic to shellfish and one of the reactions he gets is a high fever.... but his doctors have always insisted that the fever was a coincidence!

Anyway..... just some random thoughts I had as I was reading your post. Hope you can figure things out! :)

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