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Hi and Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your twins. I have 10 month old twin boys and I can honestly say it has been much easier than I expected! (I know I am one of the lucky ones!!) I think the main thing is to get them on a schedule immediately!!! Mine were born 10 weeks early and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. So, they were kinda on a schedule when they came home. When they came home they were eating every 4 hrs. I got one up changed and fed him then got the other one up and changed and fed him. Then I pumped for 20 min. This all took about 1 hr, but it worked really well for us. I continued feeding one before the other until more recently when they started holding their own bottles. Now they eat at the same time! You will learn quickly that they will probably have two different personalities. Figure out which is the more patient of the two and feed that one second. Now, since you already have a toddler, I am expecting that you will need help in the beginning. If you are offered take it! I did not have any help, but as I said I was very lucky and my boys were sleeping 8 hrs. by 10 weeks. They have always been easy babies and still are! I really hope for you that you have some easy babies on the way!!! I swaddled mine for the first 7 months and I swear by it! They use the Halo Swaddle me Sleep Sacks in the NICU and I continued those once we got home. I also think mine were good sleepers because they got use to sleeping with noise in the NICU. So, when you get them home, have them sleep with the TV, go ahead and let your toddler make some noise. Mine now very rarely wake up because the other one is screaming!!! Good luck and I will try to answer any questions you have!!!

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