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Hi! I don't know if I consider myself and experience parent, but I do have 11 month old twin boys!

Ok for your question #1. I personally think it is fine for you to take your little one out. However since you will be outside just make sure the weather is ok and that he is dressed appropriately. Also, you might want to keep him in his carseat that way others aren't tyring to hold him. I noticed when my boys were little that people left them alone if they were in their carseats. If you take him to the store do the same. Just be aware that it is the beginning of cold and flu season!!

Ok, question #2. My boys were 10 weeks premature and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. They started having blood in their stool and they switched their formula to the Nutramigen. They were only on this for about 2 weeks. They said that a lot of times in the beginning babies digestion systems can't handle the milk protein in regular formula but this gets better as they grow. It almost sounds to me that he might have a mild case of acid reflux. Have they ever mentioned this? One of my guys did the projectile vomiting after he ate almost once a day. So, they switched him to Enfamil AR, which is a thicker formula that helps the milk stay down. He would still spit up, but never projectile vomited again! You might want to try that or mention it to your ped. They do have a Walmart brand that I switched my boys to because it is cheaper and it seems to work just as good (Parents Choice).

Well, I hope this helps! Good luck!

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