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Putting a little cereal in his bottle will not hurt him nor will he choke, your only putting in a little to make it a little thicker it will definatly fill him up more. My daughter who has a newborn, 3 months old, was going through a simular situation, she was using powder formula and I told her to switch to the ready to feed, the consistency is a little thicker and now the baby is more satisfied, you may want to try that if your using powder. You can also make the power thicker my using a blender to mix it with water instead of just shaking it, I just recently found this out by a distributor of formula. As far as his sleeping all day and up at night, this is typical, he has his day and nights mixed up which they do grow out of, try to keep him up more during the day. Back to the cereal, I used to give it to my kids (they are now 24 and 29) they survived and are far from overweight. Your have never mentioned how much formula your little guy is taking at each feeding. Believe me, I know how frustrating this is to new moms, but it's also a learning process, and the Doc's arn't also right. And being sleep deprived is not fun when your a new mom, try to sleep when he does. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!and get some rest, somehow!!!!

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